June 30, 2022

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Julian Edelman shows off Bill Belichick impression…

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Julian Edelman tweaks Bill Belichick over squats...

The New England Patriots are very much kicking off a new era. Not only was first-round pick Mac Jones given the keys to the offense, but only a select handful of players from the prime dynasty years are still on the roster.

In fact, arguably the two biggest faces of the dynasty not named Bill Belichick (Tom Brady and Julian Edelman) left the franchise within the last two years.

Brady, of course, spurned the Patriots in free agency to join the now-juggernaut Buccaneers. Edelman, meanwhile, was unable to overcome a chronic knee issue and decided to hang up his cleats in the offseason.

Despite their departures, however, Edelman and Brady have managed to find their way into the Patriots’ news cycle every now and then.

This time, however it was Edelman’s turn. During an episode of “Inside the NFL” this week, Edelman showed off his Belichick impression.

Check it out.

Former Patriots WR Julian Edelman has a pretty impressive Bill Belichick impression.

How many times during Edelman’s career do you think Belichick belted out the phrase “What are we doing?” Whether it be during a halftime diatribe or a feisty film session — Edelman knows all about that — Belichick never hesitated to eviscerate his players when they didn’t perform up to expectations.

Given that Edelman played 12 seasons with the Patriots, our guess is that “these four words” are engrained in his memory.

Getting beyond his spot-on impression, however, Edelman also offered up some constructive criticism for his former team after their Week 1 loss.

“They had some very uncharacteristic-type plays,” Edelman said. “They had eight penalties for 86 yards. They turned the ball over twice in the game, which — there’s a premium for keeping the ball in your hand in New England.

I remember Bill Belichick used to say, ‘When you are carrying the football, you’re not only carrying the football for the team, everyone in the building, but you’re carrying it for everyone in the region. The fate is in your hands.’”

Edelman certainly feels like a natural on television, doesn’t he? While it sucks that he’s no longer finding pockets of space in the middle of the field as a slot receiver for the Patriots, he seems to have found his post-NFL calling card.

One thing’s for certain, and that’s if he keeps sharing insight into Belichick’s coaching methods, he’ll be an instant success on “Inside the NFL.”

Given all the trials and tribulations Edelman went through in is final season while rehabbing his knee injury, it’s awesome to see him talking Patriots football so soon after retirement.

Patriots: Julian Edelman shows off Bill Belichick impression on ‘Inside the NFL’