September 26, 2021

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Julian Edelman tweaks Bill Belichick over squats…

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Julian Edelman tweaks Bill Belichick over squats...

It’s never been clearer that Patriots legend Julian Edelman would like to be back in the gym with the team.

After all, even a photo of Bill Belichick doing squats appears to have made him jealous.

On Monday, it appears the famously-secretive head coach with the tightest lips in the league managed to pump iron in full view of someone’s iPhone.

Based on the picture quality, I’d guess a generation or two behind the current one? Based on what’s happening in the picture, I’d guess this person is about to get a hefty reward.

Yes, that’s our coach, on one of the hottest and most humid days in recent New England history, getting his quads in shape for an autumn full of stalking the sidelines and screaming.

And if he can do it, why can’t Jules?

Ex-Patriots WR Julian Edelman is jealous of Bill Belichick pumping iron.

Of course, Edelman had no intention of staying out of the replies here, though he took the discourse to his preferred social media channel: Instagram.

The wide receiver, with plenty of downtime, reposted the Belichick photo to his story, adding the caption, “Look at that form…coach knows the legs feed the wolf.”

That’s…that’s the kind of phrase we’re going to pretend to understand while in the presence of giants, before we go back to our apartments and quizzically look at our thin calves while mouthing, “……..What?”

Though his retirement sadly arrived at what seems like the right time — Edelman’s return timeline kept getting further delayed last year until it was nonexistent — we’re glad the wideout is staying engaged with all his dynasty-era friends.

On the field, it seems wideout Jakobi Meyers is preparing himself to absorb Edelman’s targets and role in the offense. Off the field, though, no one will ever be quite the same.

As long as Meyers remembers that (rolls eyes) the legs feed the wolf, though, he should be just fine on those curl routes.

Patriots: Julian Edelman tweaks Bill Belichick over squats photo