August 3, 2021

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Julian Edelman’s comments on Cam Newton prove QB…

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Julian Edelman's comments on Cam Newton prove QB...

Patriots WR Julian Edelman had strong praise for quarterback Cam Newton.

Don’t worry, Patriots fans. While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers social media admins are busy trying to make our lives miserable by glossing up Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski several times per day during the early stages of training camp, we have just the thing that will remind you everything isn’t all bad in New England.

Remember when the Patriots signed Cam Newton? That was pretty cool. You know what wasn’t? When local pundits immediately began spewing that the 31-year-old superstar was entering camp with a legitimate battle to win.

We hate to see it happen via injury, but Jarrett Stidham (leg/hip) being hobbled pretty much wrapped up whatever competition there was for the starting quarterback job. If that somehow wasn’t enough to convince you that Newton will be under center come Week 1, the latest comments from wideout Julian Edelman will surely do the trick.

“He’s definitely a former MVP for a reason,” said Edelman during an appearance on The Greg Hill Show on Friday. “The guy is a professional. He works his tail off. He’s extremely dynamic and he’s got a charming personality. It’s been fun to be around. He has a confidence about him — all quarterbacks have a confidence, but it’s just a little different with Cam. It’s a vibe that can feel you and get you in a mindset. It’s been fun.”

We’re not trying to pin the two gunslingers against each other, but this quote should seriously humble the pundits who have been preaching Stidham’s gospel for the last few months. The Patriots made out like bandits in their contract with Newton, but they obviously didn’t sign the three-time Pro Bowler to have him ride the bench.

Let’s keep in mind that Edelman is going to be playing with a new quarterback for the first time in his career this season. Adjusting to life without a three-time MVP in Brady couldn’t have been easy, so the fact that he’s already heaping praise on Newton really speaks volumes. The duo have worked out together on numerous occasions before the start of camp, so it’s clear they’re already developing a strong bond.

Edelman is 34 years old and has been to his fair share of training camps, so what he had to say about Newton pretty much all but officially confirms there was never a legitimate QB battle in New England.

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Patriots: Julian Edelman’s comments on Cam Newton prove QB battle was never in question

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