October 28, 2021

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La’el Collins suspension more than about tests

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La'el Collins suspension more than about tests

The Dallas Cowboys will face the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football in their first real divisional test of the year. However, what was at the top of some minds on Monday was, not only, the game but someone who won’t be with the Cowboys for this game and four more.

While the suspension has been out for a little bit, NFL scoop-meister, Adam Schefter, filled in some of the blanks on Sunday. What he had to say on the topic left this guy befuddled.

It’s straight out of Hollywood. It’s literally the script of every scripted sports-related movie or television show.

Brace yourselves. It’s a doozy.

Dallas Cowboys right tackle La’el Collins was suspended after trying to bribe the league’s drug-test collector, sources told ESPN.

Players cannot be suspended for positive marijuana tests under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, but Collins’ issue was multiple missed tests and trying to bribe the test collector, sources said.

The NFL initially was preparing to suspend Collins five games for his actions, but the NFL Players Association — aware of the intended five-game suspension — helped negotiate a reduction to what would have been a two-game ban.

Collins, however, appealed the suspension, and the appeal was heard by an arbitrator appointed jointly by the league and the NFLPA. The arbitrator not only rejected Collins’ appeal but also ruled that, based on the evidence, the suspension should be increased back to the original five games.

While his lawyer is still trying to appeal the decision, Schefter notes that “league sources believe the suspension” in question, “will not be reduced”. Go figure?

The Dallas Cowboys will be without offensive lineman, La’el Collins, for four more games after Monday. It’s not about what he did, initially, as much as after

First off, the situation in question and in itself is a bit to be alarmed about. The thought there is though they can’t test out for pot anymore, what’s he so worried about in his system? That’s one thing and something to keep an eye on. However, the other part of the equation is what really puzzles.

That isn’t the bribery part, as if he knew he wasn’t right, that makes sense. For as right or wrong as it is, which isn’t something that is in question here, the rationale behind it is as clear as day. The really questionable part of it all is this. With the original suspension being reduced to two, he then, continued to try and fight it?

That’s the questionable part. To be fair, Collins didn’t get the full five games for what he did, in essence. In the grand scheme of it all, he got it because he had a momentarily lapse in decision making… or sheer idiocy. This isn’t calling Collins that, because there is no personal relationship or a specific moment in the past to look at, however, one has to wonder.

Why wouldn’t you leave good enough alone…. especially when you are dead wrong and you know it? It just doesn’t make sense.

So, in fact, and while it is literally a penalty of his actions. He didn’t get these five games because of what he did, he got the five games for the silly decision to appeal a scenario where he already knew he was dead wrong, to begin with.

Geeze Louise. SMH.

Dallas Cowboys: La’el Collins suspension more than about tests