June 21, 2021

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Latest Deshaun Watson rumor is awful news for New…

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Latest Deshaun Watson rumor is awful news for New...

The latest buzz indicates Deshaun Watson could end up with a Patriots rival.

The hype surrounding super Wild Card weekend took a backseat earlier in the week when it was reported that Deshaun Watson was angered by the Houston Texans’ refusal to consult with the list of general manager/head coaching candidates he endorsed after they previously agreed to do so.

On top of that, Watson reportedly found out about the hiring of Nick Caserio as GM on social media, meaning the franchise didn’t even notify him that they were closing in filling the vacancy and willingly disregarded the fact that they told him he would be informed of such decisions.

The perennial Pro Bowler has responded by allegedly ignoring the persistent attempts of ownership to get in touch with him, which has only further fueled peculation that he will ultimately demand a trade.

As a result, we promptly pointed out how the Patriots would be out of their minds to not at least make them an intriguing offer. However, the latest buzz indicates that Watson has one of the their longtime rivals, the Miami Dolphins, at or near the top of his preferred destinations.

Watson potentially ending up in Miami would be the worst-case scenario for the Patriots as the Dolphins would become instant championship contenders. The Dolphins just completed their second double digit-win campaign in the last 13 years with largely average quarterback play. To think about what they could become with one of the game’s most potent passers is horrifying.

For the season, Watson — while working with a bottom-barrel offensive line and mostly average weapons — finished in the top five in passer rating (112.4), passing yards (4,823), yards per attempt (8.9) and completion percentage (70.2%). He also came dangerously close to cracking the top five with 33 touchdown heaves.

We would all agree that the Patriots will need a year or two to fix all the holes on their roster, right? Well, by the time they’re finished doing that, if they even do it efficiently, they could have two of the best teams in the league in Buffalo and Miami in their division.

We probably sound like defeatists, but this latest rumor regarding Watson’s floundering relationship with the Texans should absolutely terrify Patriots fans. If he ends up with the Dolphins, it would officially be time to press the panic button in Foxborough.

Latest Deshaun Watson rumor is awful news for Patriots