August 5, 2021

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Lions, Steelers positioned to gain third-round…

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New Orleans Saints v Detroit Lions

New Orleans Saints v Detroit Lions

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The Lions and Steelers can expect to get third-round compensatory picks in the 2022 NFL draft.

Although the NFL won’t officially announce compensatory picks until March of 2022, Nick Korte of has early projections that have proven to be accurate in the past, and Korte projects that there will only be two third-round compensatory picks in 2022, one going to the Lions for losing Kenny Golladay and one to the Steelers for losing Bud Dupree.

The NFL awards compensatory picks to teams that lose players in free agency, and the better picks go to the teams that lose the more expensive free agents. This year, with the salary cap decreasing, there were fewer expensive free agents, which means fewer third-round compensatory picks.

The Lions also project to get compensatory picks in the fifth and sixth rounds, while the Steelers project to get one in the sixth round.

The Ravens, who always plan their free agency signings around compensatory picks, are expected to pick up two fourth-round compensatory picks (one for losing Matt Judon and one for losing Yannick Ngakoue). The Rams also should do well in compensatory picks, with one in the fourth round and three in the sixth round.

Lions, Steelers positioned to gain third-round compensatory picks in 2022 draft