LOOK: Texans forced to use running back as their kicker after Ka’imi Fairbairn goes down with injury

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The second half got off to an interesting start in Houston on Sunday and that’s because the third quarter opened up with a RUNNING BACK kicking off for the Texans. Seriously.

At some point during the first half, Texans kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn suffered a quad injury. Fairbairn was healthy enough to kick a 50-yard field goal with 5:17 left in the second quarter and he was healthy enough to kickoff after that, but he hasn’t played since then. 

WIth Fairbairn out, the Texans were forced to turn to their backup kicker: Dare Ogunbowale. 

If you want to know how Ogunbowale did, just watch the kickoff below. 

He sent the kickoff down to the three-yard line, which isn’t bad. 

The problem for the Texans, though, is that apparently Ogunbowale can’t kick extra points or field goals. C.J. Stroud threw a 75-yard TD pass in the third quarter, but instead of having Ogunbowale kick an extra point following the score, Houston went for two and failed. 

Following that TD, Ogunbowale did once again kickoff, and this time, he sent the ball into the end zone (He got to kickoff off at the 50-yard line after the Buccaneers got called for unsportsmanlike conduct on the two-point attempt). 

The lack of a kicker has definitely created some drama. Stroud actually threw a second TD pass in the third quarter that cut Tampa Bay’s lead to 23-22. Under normal circumstances, the Texans would have kicked the extra point to tie the game, but with Fairbairn out, they were forced to go for two, and once again, they failed. 

The Bucs are currently clinging to a 23-22 lead in the second half. If you want to follow along with all the action in Houston, be sure to…


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