May 25, 2022

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Mark Wahlberg teases Bill Belichick biopic in…

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Mark Wahlberg teases Bill Belichick biopic in...

It’s impossible to talk about the history of the New England Patriots without devoting the largest chapter in the book to Bill Belichick. With nine Super Bowl appearances and six championships, Belichick turned the Patriots from an also-ran into a gold-star franchise in just two decades.

Now that the dynastic era of New England football has officially come to a close, studios will be rushing to secure the rights to films about the Patriots’ sustained success and the individuals that made it happen. A Belichick movie has to be the second entry into the Patriots Cinematic Universe now that Man in the Arena is out.

As odd as this casting choice might sound, it appears as though Mark Wahlberg is connected to this project in some way. Wahlberg got Patriots nation hyped up when he told them to be on the lookout for more Belichick content hitting their local theaters.

Before a showing of his new movie Father Stu, Wahlberg told reporters that we should anticipate a Belichick biopic coming our way. It remains to be seen if Wahlberg will be starring in it or simply producing it, but it sounds like the greatest coach in Patriots history is coming to the silver screen.

Patriots: Mark Wahlberg working on a Bill Belichick biopic?

In an interview, Wahlberg seemed keener on playing Belichick than Tom Brady when asked to choose between the two. While he might not necessarily look like Belichick, this casting choice apparently has Bill’s unwritten stamp of approval. Perhaps Taylor Lautner could be Brady?

“I love Bill and I also know Bill,” Wahlberg said on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Wednesday. “I just kind of threw [playing him in a biopic] out there, but yeah, if it’s a possibility I think he would trust me to do him justice.”

The 50-year-old Wahlberg might not be as grizzled as Belichick, but he’d be a big name atop of the marquee.

Between Belichick’s biopic apparently moving forward and Tom Brady getting into the movie producing sphere thanks to his “80 for Brady” flick, current and former Patriots appear to be getting fairly invested in the production business.

If Wahlberg either puts on his best Belichick makeup or brings in another A-lister with enough gravitas to handle such a complex role, the Belichick story on the big screen could be a smashing success. Time will if they’ll get some Oscar buzz or take home a few Razzies.

Patriots: Mark Wahlberg teases Bill Belichick biopic in ‘near future’