August 11, 2022

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Matt Ryan’s Up-Tempo Mindset, Depth At Linebacker,…

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Matt Ryan's Up-Tempo Mindset, Depth At Linebacker,...

Christopher Greene, Seymour, Ind.: The biggest question surrounding the Colts coming into this season was the wide receivers and tight ends. From what you’ve seen at camp, do you think we are good at those positions?

JJ Stankevitz: Watching practice the last few days, I’ve thought about what general manager Chris Ballard said on the eve of training camp:

“I just don’t see quite the desperation,” Ballard said. “I mean sure, look, it would be easy to go sign a name for y’all. Y’all would write these beautiful stories and then when that guy didn’t play well, the flip would be incredible. Like it would be incredible. Y’all won’t get called on it, I will. Y’all won’t get called on it though. So, have some patience and let us work through it.”

There are a handful of big-name wide receivers still on the free agent market – Ballard said last week T.Y. Hilton is “still in the mix,” to answer a question I got quite a bit in this week’s mailbag – but he stressed patience ahead of the start of training camp. And with what we’ve seen from Pittman, Campbell, Pierce, Dulin, Hines and even sixth-round rookie Andrew Ogletree, you can see why Ballard wanted everyone to take a breath and wait and see what the guys already on the team can do.