June 30, 2022

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Mens Headband – Running Sweat Head Bands for…

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Sweat-love the burn, hate the nasty sting in your eyes.

You try to reach your goals, while those annoying tiny beads want to reach your eyes and irritate the heck out of it.

It’s time that we put an end to that misery.

Looking to add a LIGHTWEIGHT yet SWEAT-ABSORBING headband to your activities?

The TOUGH Men’s Headband will take care of that.

Don’t let the thin profile fool you. You’ll be surprised at how much sweat you can wring after a brutal workout.

Sweat doesn’t stand a chance. You read that right.

The 95% polyester + 5% spandex catches and holds on to moisture like a focused goalkeeper playing in the World Cup.

We’ve also engineered this headband to be ONE SIZE FITS MOST so athletes, gym rats, cyclists, weekend warriors,
yoga practitioners, & even handymen can enjoy the non-constricting fit.

Need something that’ll match your outfit? A wide range of colors, designs, and variations
are waiting to go with you towards your goal crushing sessions.

Hair is also placed where it should be, so you have a clear view of everything and everyone.

COMES IN 3, 2, and SINGLE PACKS. Works well as an extra in the bag or for your team at a sporting competition.



^ Arctic, Blue, and Military Camo

^ US Flag (Full Color, Gray variant, and Gray Stars)

^ Realtree EDGE

^ Army Green

^ Gunmetal Gray

^ Midnight Black

^ Purple Rain

^ Sky Dive Blue

^ Titanium Gray

^ Diamond Plate

^ Galaxy

^ Paisley

^ Skulls

^ Triangles


Let’s put the sting where it should be… in your competitor’s ego.


DROP THE SWEAT, NOT THE BALL – Sweat dripping down your forehead and into your eyes? And all during a hot streak? Not cool, man. The TOUGH MEN’S HEADBAND calls interference on that. Your sweat might be a rolling tide, but the surprisingly thin fabric ensures it isn’t going anywhere. ^95% Polyester + 5% Spandex. Now, that’s what we call man coverage.
ULTRA-COMFORTABLE FIT – Working out shouldn’t be a headache. So, why a headband that’s too tight on your noggin? This stretchy, non-strangling fabric adjusts from first use, leaving your head über-relaxed & stress-free. Is it maybe too comfortable? Just don’t fall asleep in the gym… *ONE SIZE FITS MOST
THE MANE EVENT – We get it. You’re the “Mane Guy,” and you’d like to keep it that way. No problem. But when your hair gets in the way of your routine, you better tame that lion… in style. Available in a host of new designs & colors, these headbands are ready to take activewear to a different level. (Checkout the new CAMO print!) Machine wash/air dry for best results.
A GREAT GIFT IDEA – Is someone you love sweat-challenged? We know the drill. This headband will definitely come handy in their training sessions. Comes in 3, 2, and SINGLE packs for you and your dynamic trio/duo. Joining a competition? Show your unity by wearing the same color or print and let your opponents tremble in fear. #FTW
TOUGH LIFETIME WARRANTY – Customers love our warranty. And you’ll love us too! With over 7500 5-star reviews, our headwear is the #1 choice for Amazon customers. We put a no-questions-asked TOUGH LIFETIME WARRANTY on our Men’s Headband. Beat that.

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