Michigan football recruiting under Sherrone Moore, defensive coordinator search: 2024 updates by insiders

Jim Harbaugh became the fifth college football coach since 1936 to leave his school after winning a national championship when he signed a five-year contract to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. He was the first coach since Tom Osborne, who retired after winning the national championship in 1997 with Nebraska, to do so. The Wolverines elevated Sherrone Moore from offensive coordinator to head coach. Moore was acting head coach on multiple occasions this season, showcasing he already has strong relationships with many players on the team. Moore has wasted no time trying to secure and retain some of the top Michigan football recruits in the country following the national championship.

In today’s age with the college football transfer portal and NIL, players have more options to move freely and join new programs, so Moore needs to act quickly if the Wolverines want to remain at the top of college football and capitalize on Michigan football recruiting. Who are some of Michigan’s top targets, what can they add to the program and how realistic are their chances at joining the Wolverines? If you want to see the latest Michigan recruiting news and updates on the defensive coordinator search, be sure to see what the proven team of insiders are saying at The Michigan Insider, the 247Sports affiliate that covers Michigan.

The team at The Michigan Insider is providing on-the-ground updates on every development in the defensive coordinator coaching search, including insights from Sam Webb, Steve Lorenz, Zach Shaw and Alejandro Zuniga. The unrivaled insider team has the latest Michigan recruiting news and the inside scoop on the Michigan coaching search.

The team at The Michigan Insider already has several recruiting updates from Moore’s…


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