May 22, 2022

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Mike McCarthy comments on Cowboys ‘difficult’…

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Mike McCarthy comments on Cowboys 'difficult'...

When offseason moves happen, the contracts and decisions are usually discussed and negotiated by members of the front office. But how involved has Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy been? That’s a good question. A coach is usually involved, but given the way Stephen and Jerry Jones like to run things (formerly deemed a “Hunger Games” environment by Rich Eisen), who knows how much of an impact McCarthy has on big decisions.

In a recent exclusive interview with David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys head coach opened up about how he felt about what the front office has done (and not done) so far. The first thing he commented on was the loss of two key offensive players: Amari Cooper and La’el Collins. McCarthy said Cooper’s trade was a “difficult, difficult decision.” The head coach said the now-Browns receiver is one of the best he’s ever worked with.

He said saying goodbye to one of his starting offensive tackles was just as hard:

“You don’t want to lose those sort of players. But when you talk about competition, there is also competition and a challenge in the financial arena. You have to make business decisions that are in line with the dynamics of your cap.’’

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy admitted that Amari Cooper and La’el Collins’ decisions were difficult ones

The head coach confirmed what most Cowboys fans were frustrated with by saying that the goal this offseason was to keep as many in-house players as possible. But McCarthy also doesn’t want Dallas fans to panic. He said that there’s plenty of time left for the front office to make more moves and decisions before the 2022 season starts. He gave a football comparison to explain the offseason decisions so far:

“We’re still in the first 15 (minutes of the offseason). The first quarter is not even completed yet. If people are frustrated, well, sometimes games are a little frustrating. We’ve definitely come out with a run the football and take care of your own mindset. Outside of our own roster, we have a mindset where we’re not going to throw the ball deep with every snap. How’s that for a football analogy?’’

Well, Mike. Seems like Dallas is down by a lot after that “first quarter.” Will three more quarters of the offseason even be enough to get the team to where it needs to be? I guess that depends on what decisions are yet to be made. Based on the throwing the ball deep part of the quote, it seems the front office has no plans to throw big money at anyone outside of the organization. How did that go for the Joneses in the past? Seems ignorant to have faith in these next few quarters.

Mike McCarthy comments on Cowboys ‘difficult’ offseason moves