April 11, 2021

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Missed Opportunities After Turnovers Undermine…

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Missed Opportunities After Turnovers Undermine...

“I told them we were probably going to go for it there. So they had a chance to take a shot. So I told them during the week, take the shots.”

— Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer on the pass by Diggs

“Offensively we didn’t play as well as we can play, I’ll say that. And defensively, we could have played the run better. So there’s a lot of things that we need to clean up.”

“The play call? I thought it was a great call. I was wide open. It’s just a tough deal. Just missed it by a few inches.”

— QB Kirk Cousins on the trick play

“Just trying to bring him across the field and the backside corner sank, and so he made the play. Probably shouldn’t have brought him across the field. Either take him vertically or progress on.”

— Cousins on the interception

“It was definitely frustrating. We work all week on a game plan, and when things don’t go as planned it is very frustrating. We tried to adjust to some things, but nothing was working.”

“We have to put this one to bed. We need to correct the mistakes and move on to the next one. We need to try to not let the same mistakes happen again.”

“We have got to let it sting, know what we did wrong, watch the film and make corrections. However, we should definitely let it sting and then we should let it go after 24 hours or so. After that we get back to work. We are blessed to be able to play again. We have worked hard all season to put ourselves in this position, but we have got to do better in these kinds of games.”

“He’s obviously a key player for us. He is a great communicator, flies around the field, and makes a lot of key plays. Anytime any player goes down, one of your teammates or even the other team, it’s always a tough thing.”

— S Anthony Harris on Kendricks’ injury


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