August 1, 2021

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Mohamed Sanu spotted putting in work with Jarrett…

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Mohamed Sanu spotted putting in work with Jarrett...

Mohamed Sanu and Patriots QB option Jarrett Stidham have practiced in recent days.

Mohamed Sanu is certainly playing both sides of the fence in the Patriots QB battle.

Days after being spotted linking up with Cam Newton, Sanu posted a quick clip on his Instagram indicating that he’s met up with second-year Auburn product Jarrett Stidham, too.

Though the elder Auburn product on the incentive-laden deal definitely has a leg up in the QB competition these days, the Pats weren’t lying when they claimed they were confident in Stidham’s talent — OK, perhaps they exaggerated their feelings, but it wasn’t an outright fib.

Regardless, there’s a good chance he’s a bigger part of the Patriots future than Sanu, who isn’t playing favorites ahead of a big Year 2 in New England.

Patriots WR Mohamed Sanu and Jarrett Stidham are practicing, too.

That was a cryptic clip, but luckily, Sanu gave us a bit more (and a little bit of background knowledge) as the story continued.

This workout took place in Boston, and also included other faces like supposed third-stringer Brian Hoyer and center David Andrews, a man who’s planning a big comeback of his own after missing the 2019 season while battling career-threatening blood clots.

Sanu, acquired at the 2019 deadline in exchange for a second-round pick, had just 26 receptions for 207 yards in New England, never establishing a real rapport with fading QB Tom Brady, ever-desperate for reliable targets.

Unfortunately, some of that had nothing to do with Sanu’s mental acuity, and a good deal of his uncertainty while running routes can be blamed on his troublesome ankle, a problem he resolved surgically in early March.

While Newton will likely be the focus moving forward, Sanu needs to form a confident connection with all of his possible signal-callers and protectors. After all, he’s got to ditch the comparisons to fellow 2019 trade target Emmanuel Sanders, who led his Niners to the Super Bowl and was a home run acquisition.

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Sanu…wasn’t. That’s why you’ll likely spot him working daily with anyone who calls him before camp starts.

Patriots: Mohamed Sanu spotted putting in work with Jarrett Stidham

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