May 21, 2022

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Monday Wild-Card Open Discussion

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Monday Wild-Card Open Discussion

Monday Wild-Card Open Discussion
Vincent Verhei
17 Jan 2022, 08:09pm

Los Angeles Rams ER Leonard Floyd

It’s Monday night (playoff) football as Arizona (11-6) visits the L.A. Rams (12-5). Use this thread to discuss.

Oh my what a miss

ARI has two receivers in same area, usually a problem but both are wide open and behind Ram defense on a long pass and Murray misses them both.  No way to know which one he was targeting.

Monday thread


OBJ TD. Hmmm

Louis Riddick GM?

I heard people float his name but I can’t get on board with a guy that screeches about running the ball so often. Immediate turn off.

Timeout waste counter:

Rams with the 1st

Result: well not a TD

RE: OBJ’s dad

May be a legit football scout.  Someone should sign him.  Ha, ha

I think that was incomplete…

I think that was incomplete. I don’t think he ever had control. We’ll see what the review says.

The Rams defense has been…

The Rams defense has been about as dominant as the Bills offense was two nights ago.

Uh, not really

They’ve punted once already for each of Josh Allen’s incompletions. And they’ve scored two touchdowns. 

My bad!

It’s all the shoveling, plus the painkillers, plus watching Kyler Murray throw that godawful pick-six 😉

Do we have contact info for…

Do we have contact info for DIVISION? I’m worried what this game might do to him.

Dumb play by Murray, great play by the Rams D as a whole and very entertaining pick 6.

Wow, hard to imagine Kyler…

Wow, hard to imagine Kyler having a worse first half than this. Obviously you can’t judge a player on one game, but he looks utterly lost out there, like “how is this guy a starter” lost.

Awful INT

Great Kyler Murray has disappeared for weeks. DIVISION has disappeared for weeks.  He was right all along.  Rams are stars and scrubs.  They play like stars, make Arizona play like scrubs.



In reply to by jheidelberg

It just occurred to me that maybe DIVISION might have been Murray’s agent, or maybe parent. DIVISION, if you’re reading this and need someone to talk to, call 1-800-273-8255.

Arizona futility record

77 yards in a 2015 playoff game.   That will be first barrier to break.

Which sucks somewhat because…

Which sucks somewhat because when it was working it was fun to watch 

I get Hopkins is awesome but I’ve also watched Green Bay go 7-0 without Adams under LaFleur so it shouldn’t make a team fall apart the way Arizona has.

Kyler Murray proving he’s…

Kyler Murray proving he’s not a young Russell Wilson. Kliff Kingsbury playing like former Archie Comic star QB,  calling obsolete plays.

Now OBJ has more passing…

Now OBJ has more passing yards than Kyler. For that matter only 65 behind Stafford.

If there were ever to be a taunting penalty

That might be it, even if he was unaware.

IDK what a defender is supposed to do there with the offensive player lowering his head too…man they got it really rough.