July 27, 2021

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Most valuable sports franchise in the world

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Most valuable sports franchise in the world

The Dallas Cowboys were recently listed as the most valuable franchise in the entire sports world, yet again.

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had all that much to brag about since the 1995 Super Bowl season if we are being honest as a fan base.

However, even though the old saying, what have you done for me lately has been thrown in the Cowboys franchise faces often, they can still say they are the world’s most valuable franchise for the fifth straight year according to Forbes.

With the NFL being the king of the sports world with its revenue shares being atop the list and dominant TV deals that overpower just about every other sport in the world it’s no surprise that the Cowboys are on top of the list yet again.

For more of a perspective here are the top five most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Top 5 most valuable sports franchises

  1. Dallas Cowboys ($5.5 billion)
  2. New York Yankees ($5 billion)
  3. New York Knicks ($4.6 billion)
  4. Los Angeles Lakers ($4.4 billion)
  5. Golden State Warriors ($4.3 billion)

What it all means?

Well, honestly, nothing much. If you take a look at the list you’ll see 27 of the top 50 are NFL teams. So, overall the NFL leaves its mark in the sports world as the most valuable overall.

As for the Boys? Well, congrats Jerry Jones, you’ve come a long way since 1989 but the fans pay a lot of money for merchandise and a seat at Jerry’s World, while TV stations always have Dallas set as prime-time games know matter their record. All while the Cowboys continue to stay mediocre year in and year out for their loyal fans.

Let’s just hope this season the most valuable franchise in all of sports can put together some championship football again. The franchise and their fans need to be bragging more about winning, rather than how much money they’re worth.

Next: Which teams are the Dallas Cowboys biggest rivals?

On a side note, we know the Cowboys continue to rake in the money for the NFL and sit atop the list as most valuable. But, where would you rank Dallas as far as most iconic sports franchises in the NFL and also throughout the entire sports world? Let’s discuss this below.

Dallas Cowboys: Most valuable sports franchise in the world

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