January 22, 2022

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Nelson Agholor hilariously open on easiest TD of…

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Nelson Agholor hilariously open on easiest TD of...

When analysts asked all summer long whether Bill Belichick would take it easy on brand-new Patriots QB Mac Jones in the early going, was this was they meant? “A Primetime Game Against the Atlanta Falcons“?

Does it…get any easier than “shredding” this bottom-of-the-barrel Atlanta defense?

It took a surprisingly long time for Jones to find the end zone in this one considering he was tossing footballs against a flapping curtain, but after an impressive drive replete with plenty of downhill running and a healthy dose of stiff-arms, the Alabama product threaded the needle to Nelson Agholor for six.

Or, should we say…he threaded that needle with an eye the size of the Grand Canyon.

You will never see a blown coverage like this as long as you live. This is the red zone. We’re not downfield. There’s not a lot of space near the goal line to be outschemed this spectacularly.

And yet…here’s Agholor, running free and untouched into the end zone for the easiest touchdown Jones has scored in his life thus far.

Patriots QB Mac Jones hit Nelson Agholor for a hilarious TD against the Falcons.

Agholor had 10.5 yards of separation on that catch, the most of any of Jones’ 14 career TD passes to this point — but you already knew that, didn’t you? You didn’t need fancy stats like “yards” to tell you this is as open as a human being can get.

From any angle mid-play, you can make this play look like a backyard pitch-and-catch. It’s a thing of beauty. The defense is there one second, and the next, they simply…melt away.

For a guy in Agholor who fell out of favor in Philadelphia before finding his way in Las Vegas, he will gladly take the last laugh here. From a scheme perspective, it just doesn’t get any easier than playing for the Patriots — and against the Falcons.

Let’s see him “wriggle free” again, shall we?

In the second half, expect more of the same — except with Matt Ryan injured on the other sideline, bringing us the Josh Rosen Special.

Something tells me he won’t encounter any targets that are quite this uncovered.

Patriots: Nelson Agholor hilariously open on easiest TD of Mac Jones’ life