New Commanders co-owner teases name change: Ranking top five alternatives for Washington’s NFL team

Washington’s NFL franchise recently spent two years with a temporary nickname and 18 months officially deliberating its current identity, finally arriving on “Commanders” as the club’s new branding in February 2022. Just over a year later, with Daniel Snyder selling the team amid controversy, new ownership is already teasing another makeover, with minority stakeholder Earvin “Magic” Johnson hinting this week that another new nickname could come as early as 2024.

“I think everything’s on the table, especially after this year,” Johnson told “The Today Show” after Joshua Harris’ purchasing group bought the Commanders for a record $6 billion. “We’ll see where we are with the name, but I can’t say [for sure] right now.”

ESPN has since reported that it’s “reasonable” to expect the new regime to erase as many branding flourishes from the Snyder era as possible, which would seem to suggest Washington will, in fact, sport a different name sooner rather than later.

So what on Earth should the new name be? Primarily using possibilities that appeared on team president Jason Wright’s survey sent to season-ticket-holders during Washington’s last rebranding, here are our XYZ favorites:

5. Washington Majors

“Presidents” would give them the commanding D.C. ties they’re half-heartedly evoking with “Commanders,” but in today’s polarizing political climate, do they care to be associated with every sitting U.S. president? “Majors” is more military-aligned, but it packs more of a concise punch than “Commanders,” doubling as a statement of status among NFL teams.

4. Washington Redtails

The team has previously downed any possibility using “Red” because of trademarks, but come on. This is a $6B operation; where there’s a will, there’s a way. “Redtails” has been a longtime fan favorite for its historical ties to the Tuskegee Airmen, the famous African-American pilots who fought in World War II. It also bears…


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