May 22, 2022

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New details emerge about Michael Gallup rumored…

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New details emerge about Michael Gallup rumored...

The Dallas Cowboys have several big-name players on their free agency list. One of those names is Michael Gallup. A member of the WR Trio in Dallas, Gallup’s future with the team has been rumored to go both ways during the offseason. When the narrative was that both CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper were staying in Dallas, the thought of saving money to let Gallup go seemed to make sense. When he tore his ACL late in the season, the conversation switched to being able to get Gallup at a lowered price as an injured free agent.

The most recent news is that the Cowboys are reportedly set on parting ways with Cooper. That means signing guys like Gallup and Cedrick Wilson in free agency becomes much more important. And the team seems to be doing just that. Mike Garofolo went of NFL Network on Monday morning to share an update about the starting wide receiver.

Based on the conversations he had with sources, Garofolo believes the Cowboys and Gallup will be coming to an agreement in the near future. Part of this is because of the recent injury report for Gallup. Dallas feels that because his injury was a “clean tear,” he will be medically sound to participate at 100% for the start of 2022.

However, the number they are throwing at him is a bit absurd. The Cowboys are undeniably struggling in terms of cap space, yet according to Garofolo, the front office is ready to throw a five-year deal at Gallup for over $10 million per season. It’s less than Cooper, but it’s still a lot of money for a guy who may never play the same way again after a big injury. FanSided’s Matt Verderame seemed to be getting similar information as well.

Michael Gallup and Cowboys reportedly closing in on long-term, lucrative deal to keep the wide receiver in Dallas

As we have reported in the past, despite the fact that several medical journals and websites say ACL surgery recovery can take 8-12 months, the medical team around Gallup believes he will be 100% by August. This is excellent news for Gallup and for Dallas. It is likely a big part of the reason they are willing to shell out a large contract to the young receiver.

Of course, we won’t know if this deal (if/when it’s official) is worth it until we see how the receiver returns from his injury. Gallup has the ability to make game-changing, jaw-dropping plays as a wideout. Can he continue to do so? Or will he pull a Cooper and get a big contract and drop off in production? Only time will tell.

New details emerge about Michael Gallup rumored Cowboys contract