April 12, 2021

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New York Giants vs. Bengals Week 12 inactives:…

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New York Giants vs. Washington Week 6 inactives:...

The New York Giants were quite busy on Saturday with players and coaches traveling to Cincinnati, while their scouts were spread out across the country taking in various college games.

One of those games was Vanderbilt-Missouri, where soccer star Sarah Fuller became the first female to play for a Power 5 school.

Fittingly, the Giants’ scout in attendance for that game was Hannah Burnett, the first full-time female scout in the organization’s history.

In addition to Burnett, who witnessed Missouri blows the doors off Vanderbilt, 41-0, the Giants also hit the lottery jackpot on Saturday and had scouts…

Giants vs. Bengals Week 12 inactives: Who’s in, who’s out?

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