May 22, 2022

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New York news station embarrassingly trolls Tom…

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The New England Patriots, piloted by Tom Brady, owned the entire NFL for two full decades, rampaging to six Super Bowls and numerous deep playoff runs.

Only one NFL team, in fact, seemed to have any sort of edge on the GOAT. So guess who celebrated Brady’s retirement with a snide reminder of their brief windows of relevance amid a sea of turmoil?

No way. Couldn’t be. New York being stubborn and dropping the football equivalent of a “27 rings!” after 10 years of living in the dumpster?

Just can’t imagine that happening, that’s all. We expected better of New Yorkers.

After Brady’s Instagram statement dropped, though, there it was. NBC New York choosing to proclaim Brady a loser instead of the winner he is, all because the worst wide receiver on the Giants roster accidentally dribbled some glue on his helmet.

Patriots QB Tom Brady got trolled by a New York news station after retirement.

Only the Man in the Arena can comment on the action that occurred, and goodness knows the social media team behind NBC News New York certainly qualifies. They were right down there in the trenches, willing New York to victory.

If Michael Strahan had tweeted this from the Good Morning America account, that’s one thing. But local news? Might as well be some random bodega getting their jollies.

Perhaps this strike across the bough is what Brady actually deserved, though. A little humility. A reminder of how he got to where he is today and created a legacy New Yorkers love to hate, even after defeating him twice (and once in the regular season of 2011, too).

Brady left the Pats out of his own statement on Tuesday, and only thanked them after the fact, which is almost as bad as if he’d sent out a tweet that said “Forever a Buc and a One-Time Super Bowl Champ!”

Let’s be clear: the Giants do not get the last laugh here. In fact, they get no laughs at all. This is like a kid who went to your high school a decade ago showing up to smoke outside at recess, and he’s like, “Lotta fun memories here, man. Remember Mr. Bancroft’s party?” and you’re like, “Sorry, did you go to a party at the teacher’s house?”

But Brady doesn’t get off scot free, either. Remember the good times, Tommy. Don’t make us troll you like New Yorkers did.

New York news station embarrassingly trolls Tom Brady, Patriots