NFL preseason Week 1 grades for first-round rookies: Who impressed, disappointed and surprised in NFL debut

We are all so happy to be back to football that I feel it’s appropriate to grade first-round rookies after their first preseason game. Now, of course, don’t read into these scores too much. We are only one exhibition outing into these players’ professional careers — or in the case of the Browns and Jets, two contests in. 

But now that there’s legitimate NFL film to watch, grades are to be handed out, meaningless game or not. Yes, I was pumped to watch these prospects, who I studied for months, on a professional field. 

These are preseason grades for first-round rookies. Before I begin, if a rookie isn’t listed, it’s either because he did not play in his respective team’s opening game or, due to a variety of reasons, wasn’t able to make much of an impact at all, bad or good.

Grade: C+

Young took a couple shots early against the Jets defensive line and mostly worked quick throws into the flat. He missed on a longer throw near the sideline. While his quick release was impressive, Young didn’t do anything to stand out and wasn’t able to elude rushers in the preseason debut.  

Grade: D+


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