February 28, 2021

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NFL quarterback rankings, Week 7: Ryan Tannehill…

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NFL quarterback rankings, Week 7: Ryan Tannehill...

Oct 18, 2020; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah (91) pressures New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco (5) during the first half at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill’s career looked dead in Miami. Now, with a 15-game sample sample in Tennessee, the veteran is proving a star for the Titans.

In the 2020 FanSided NFL quarterback rankings — which go live here every Tuesday morning throughout the regular season — we use a weighted average of current and past performances, with the former meaning more than the latter.

Here we go!


Joe Flacco

QB New York Jets

2020 stats: 397 yards | 51.9 completion % | 1 TDs | 1 INTs | 5.0 YPA | 38.1 QBR

Last Week: NA

There’s no need for an explanation, right? The Jets have no talent, and that extends to the quarterback position. Flacco should have retired two years ago … at least.


Kyle Allen

QB Washington Football Team

2020 stats: 354 yards | 72.7 completion % | 2 TDs | 1 INTs | 6.4 YPA | 70.2 QBR

Last Week: NA

It’s one short, quick pass after another with the Football Team. Allen isn’t much better than Dwayne Haskins, although he completes passes at about a 15 percent better clip, and so there’s likely the difference in Ron Rivera’s mind.


Andy Dalton

QB Dallas Cowboys

2020 stats: 377 yards | 75.0 completion % | 1 TDs | 2 INTs | 9.3 YPA | 12.4 QBR

Last Week: 26

After that Monday night catastrophe, Jerry Jones should have a cigarette. Then another. Then he should prepare to offer Dak Prescott part-ownership if necessary.


Daniel Jones

QB New York Giants

2020 stats: 1,223 yards | 61.2 completion % | 3 TDs | 6 INTs | 6.1 YPA | 55.4 QBR

Last Week: 29

Jones finally got his first win of the season, beating Washington in a 20-19 thriller (ehhhh). Big Blue sees flashes with Jones, who showed mobility on a 49-yard run on Sunday while also making some terrific throws in tight windows. The problem, of course, is turnovers.


Carson Wentz

QB Philadelphia Eagles

2020 stats: 1,401 yards | 58.7 completion % | 8 TDs | 9 INTs | 6.0 YPA | 51.0 QBR

Last Week: 28

Somehow, Wentz is the best NFC East quarterback and ranks 28th.

Wentz was better against the Ravens. The lost fumble was a killer, but it’s getting harder to talk about Wentz’s struggles without looking at the mess of a supporting cast in Philadelphia. Everybody is hurt, and now Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz are gone as well.


Nick Foles

QB Chicago Bears

2020 stats: 878 yards | 62.5 completion % | 6 TDs | 4 INTs | 5.8 YPA | 55.4 QBR

Last Week: 27

It’s damn near impossible to throw 39 times for 198 yards in the modern age, and yet here we are. Foles and the Bears improved to 5-1 on the campaign, but Foles was bad, throwing an awful interception while making very few impact plays.


Drew Lock

QB Denver Broncos

2020 stats: 425 yards | 53.2 completion % | 1 TDs | 2 INTs | 6.9 YPA | 33.1 QBR

Last Week: NA

When you go 10-of-24 with two interceptions, you aren’t moving up the board. Lock almost helped Denver choke away an 18-3 fourth-quarter lead, but was bailed out by the defense. If the Broncos are going to beat Kansas City on Sunday, Lock will need to quickly, and vastly, improve.


Kirk Cousins

QB Minnesota Vikings

2020 stats: 1,475 yards | 64.6 completion % | 11 TDs | 10 INTs | 8.4 YPA | 46.8 QBR

Last Week: 24

If Cousins didn’t sign an extension this offseason, he’d already be on the bench. He’s leading the NFL with 10 interceptions and with Minnesota at 1-5, there’s little reason to think things are about to turn. Cousins has experience and talent around him, he’s just been miserable.

NFL quarterback rankings, Week 7: Ryan Tannehill is rolling

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