September 26, 2021

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Offseason updates on Julian Edelman

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Offseason updates on Julian Edelman

New England Patriots star wide receiver Julian Edelman has had an interesting offseason filled with both an arrest and now surgery as well.

Julian Edelman is the heart and soul of the New England Patriots.

Since 2009, Edelman has played every role he possibly can in order to help the Patriots. We’ve seen him contribute at quarterback, running back, safety, linebacker, punt/kick returner, and of course, at wide receiver.

Over the course of time, Edelman has proven to be the most reliable player on the team. In doing so, the 5-foot-10, 200-pound slot receiver plays as if he is the biggest man on the field — even if that couldn’t be further from the truth in actuality.

As a slot receiver in the pros, you need to be durable and resilient. The position is difficult, you take a beating, and it takes the perfect football player to do it. Julian Edelman has easily risen to be the most productive slot receiver in the NFL at this point.

With a slew of injuries to the offense and what was already a thin receiving group, New England ran Edelman into the ground last season. There were moments in games where he just looked completely defeated, abused, and out of breath, but the Patriots kept him in the game.

During Week 3 against the New York Jets, Edelman took a hit that would leave him with a lingering chest/rib injury for the remainder of the season. He was able to hide the injury for most of the season as best he could in terms of pain tolerance and management, but it showed to really affect him down the stretch of the season.

He also made the injury report during the season for both a shoulder and a knee injury. By the end of the season, it was clear that all of the injuries eventually caught up to Edelman and affected his on-field performance, including his perfect timing with best buddy quarterback Tom Brady.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Edelman underwent successful shoulder surgery last week. He’s not expected to miss any time in terms of the Patriots’ offseason programs, which is a relief.

The crafty wideout finished the 2019 season with 100 receptions, 1,117 yards, and six touchdowns.

Julian has had quite the eventful offseason in general. Prior to having the surgery, Edelman was seen partying with former Patriot Danny Amendola and former Celtic Paul Pierce. The night later concluded with Edelman getting arrested for vandalism after jumping on the hood of somebody’s Mercedes Benz in Beverly Hills.

By the start of next season, the three-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP is going to be 34 years old. Since he could potentially lose his best friend in Tom Brady due to free agency, Edelman has a chance to be the oldest player on the offense next season.

Given the current state of the team, it would be crazy for the New England Patriots to think Edelman can last another full season. He’s the only established playmaker on this roster, and as previously mentioned, he got way too beat up last year.

There was a time last season where even I’m on record saying the Patriots should have shut Edelman down for “load management” to preserve him for the deep run that New England unfortunately couldn’t make. It was obvious he was hurting, and at times, it seemed like he even had some trouble breathing normally underneath all his pads and gear.

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Moving forward to 2020, the New England Patriots need to be more mindful with the usage of Julian Edelman and surround him with a better supporting cast. Of course, they also need to find some resolution at quarterback for him, too.

New England Patriots: Offseason updates on Julian Edelman

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