One strategy Patriots should avoid if they plan to draft a QB

One strategy Patriots should avoid if they plan to draft a QB originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

We need to stop treating the Patriots like the champions they used to be and acknowledge the reality of what they are, which is swaddled and gurgling in the earliest stages of a rebuild.

They’re nowhere close to contending, but that hasn’t stopped us (or them) from acting like a return to the glory days imminently awaits. Case in point: their reported plans at quarterback.

Per MassLive, the Patriots intend to draft a QB at No. 3 and sign a veteran who could let the rookie redshirt. This is the Green Bay model, from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love, and with former Packers exec Eliot Wolf now calling the shots in New England, it makes sense to follow a similar route.

Except the comparison is pure lunacy, and if the Patriots don’t recognize that, then their rebuild is off to a delusional start.

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The Packers didn’t import some rando to mentor a rookie. They started all-time greats (Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers) who had no interest in relinquishing their jobs, let alone mentoring their replacements. Green Bay didn’t move on from either guy until both were practically 40. There is no “Packers model” – they started two Hall of Famers in 30 effing years!

The Patriots lack that luxury. Whomever they draft is going to succeed Mac Jones, and I suspect McCorkle will only worsen in our eyes as the years pass. The Patriots aren’t the Packers. They’re just one of the desperate masses hoping to luck into a quarterback while praying they don’t get Zach Wilson, JaMarcus Russell, or Mitch Trubisky instead.

The other irrelevant example everyone cites is Patrick Mahomes, who backed up Alex Smith in Kansas City after being drafted 10th overall in 2017. Did the Chiefs or Mahomes really gain anything by sitting?

Kansas City won 12 games and then lost in the wild…


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