January 22, 2022

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Packers displayed effective ground game against…

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Packers displayed effective ground game against...

The hidden aspects to the late letdowns on defense weren’t so positive, though.

As Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley directed two touchdown drives in the game’s final nine minutes, LaFleur felt the defense wasn’t situationally as aware as it needed to be, and often wasn’t in position at the snap of the ball.

Two important passes to tight end Mark Andrews to convert third and fourth downs were “easy completions” the Packers didn’t challenge effectively based on the situation, LaFleur said.

He also lamented multiple defenders not being set and ready for the snap, and it left them a step slow as the Ravens were marching down the field. Sometimes the play call wasn’t in soon enough, LaFleur said, but other times it was.

“Anytime the defense has a chance to put their cleats in the ground, they’re taking in the offensive information, really looking at the keys, they have a much better idea of what potentially could be coming at them and then going out there and playing the play,” he said.

“I think that’s where there’s room for improvement. Certainly, we need all 11 on defense locked in, ready to go on the snap of the ball, and if you look, that wasn’t always the case on those last few drives.”

The most frustrating moment was a miscommunication on the sideline that left only 10 players on the field as Huntley scrambled to the pylon for the first of the two scores.

LaFleur called that “totally unacceptable” and “embarrassing,” and said it falls on him first, as well as the rest of the staff, to communicate clearly.

“I think our guys will be better for it,” he said of the late-game struggles in general. “We’ll learn from it. We’ll get back to work tomorrow.”