September 23, 2021

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Packers examining everything that led up to loss

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Packers examining everything that led up to loss

GREEN BAY – Monday was a day of self-reflection for the Packers.

Not just about Sunday and the team’s worst performance of the season, but about Saturday and Friday as well, and everything that led up to the humbling loss to the Chargers.

Head Coach Matt LaFleur said it all will be examined, from the Green Bay workouts coming off a Sunday night road game to the travel schedule to the Saturday walk-through in Los Angeles.

With another West Coast trip, to San Francisco, looming after next week’s bye, LaFleur wants everything under a microscope to make sure the players are better prepared, physically and mentally, for the next such excursion.

“I think anytime you go out there and you have a game like that, you kind of look at everything you did,” LaFleur said. “I think all of us coaches, players, have to look inward and make sure we were doing the right things and really learn from that experience so we don’t have another one of those moving forward.”

Before the next West Coast trip, though, there’s a home game with NFC contender Carolina at Lambeau Field heading into the Packers’ bye week, and Monday was used to start turning the page toward that contest.

The film review from the 26-11 loss to the Chargers was carried out in the normal fashion. It was just the least fun of any film session in this 7-2 season.

“It was a normal Monday – how we do every other Monday,” LaFleur said. “We showed the good, which, unfortunately, there wasn’t much in this game, and then we showed the bad and just talked about it. We’re always going to be honest with our guys. You’ve got to be real with yourself. That’s exactly what happened.”

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