September 17, 2021

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Packers must get ‘locked in’ on special teams

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Packers must get ‘locked in’ on special teams

Interestingly, when asked about the special-teams matchup with the Panthers, LaFleur didn’t even comment on Cannon or Cooper, or on the fact that new Packers returner Tavon Austin may have an opportunity to provide a spark this week with Carolina having allowed an 83-yard punt return for a score this season.

His comments strictly focused on the Packers getting things fixed. The message: It’s about us, not about the opponent.

“There’s gotta be a standard to which you play at and in order to achieve that standard, you gotta own your responsibilities and go out there and execute,” he said.

Kicker Mason Crosby , who saved a touchdown last week with his tackle on the long kickoff return by Detroit’s Jamal Agnew, pointed out, “It’s just eliminating that one or two plays in a game.”

Well, the Packers have three games to get that play or two straightened out before its do-or-die time, and difficulties will be present in all three contests. After Cannon and Cooper, next week Tennessee receiver Kalif Raymond has a 40-yard punt return to his credit this season (the Titans also have a TD on a kickoff return from receiver A.J. Brown, but it came on an onside kick).