September 19, 2021

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Packers will keep their 2020 offseason program…

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Packers will keep their 2020 offseason program...

It isn’t completely foolproof. LaFleur mentions how video can freeze at times and everyone has to restart, but players have been able to learn at their own pace on their iPads.

It’s LaFleur’s hope that by the end of the month his team will be as ready as it could possibly be for when training camp begins.

“I think every year comes with new challenges. So I’m not going to try to look at what we’ve done in the past or rely on past experiences,” LaFleur said. “We’re going to face those new challenges that come with each year and attack it head on and do our best to put together a team that gets better each and every day.”

Back in the building: With NFL coaches cleared to re-enter team facilities on Friday, LaFleur conducted his 30-minute Zoom call with Green Bay media from Lambeau Field.

He isn’t forcing his assistants to follow suit, though.

LaFleur is leaving it up to his staff whether they want to return to the office or work from home through the remainder of the offseason program. In a tongue-and-cheek tone, LaFleur said only one coach has been prohibited from re-entering right now: assistant defensive backs coach Ryan Downard.

“He and his wife just had a baby,” LaFleur said. “That’s something I want to be very sensitive to. I told him he’s the only one not allowed in our building. It is great to be back here today, but I’m going to leave it up to each individual’s discretion whether or not they want to come back into this building.”

No place like home: A year after spending most of his first offseason alone in Green Bay, LaFleur enjoyed getting a chance to spend more time at home with his wife, BreAnne, and their two sons, Luke and Ty, this spring.

Last spring, BreAnne, Luke and Ty didn’t join LaFleur in Green Bay until the two boys finished the school year in Nashville.

“Being at home and being with my family, certainly I’ve definitely seen them more than I have in the last few years,” LaFleur said. “Especially being able to stay in one spot and not having to move, move away from them. So that has been a positive.”

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