Panthers fans shouldn’t overthink price for Bryce Young writer Adam Rank thinks Carolina Panthers fans shouldn’t be too concerned about what their team gave up for this year’s No. 1 overall pick. But is that because he’s a noted Chicago Bears fan?

Well, maybe that has a little something to do with it. But Adam is a man of honesty and integrity, and has the Carolina faithful’s best interest at heart in his recent outlook of the team.

As part of his rundown of the 2023 Carolina Panthers this past week, Rank writes that the price for Bryce—although quite steep—was worth it:

Was it expensive? Indeed it was. But that’s the cost of doing QB business in the NFL. It is going to require three first-rounders to get that top pick. Obviously, in this case, the Bears took D.J. Moore instead of a 2025 first, but you get what I’m saying. Look, I know it’s going to suck if/when you see those mock drafts for 2024 and you don’t have a first-round pick — especially if you’re bad this fall and end up like the Rams and Broncos in the 2023 draft. But I’ll tell you what: There is nothing like watching your team and knowing you have your quarterback of the future. Oh, wait — your last No. 1 overall pick was Cam Newton. You know what it’s like. You’re fine.

Carolina sent Chicago a substantial package to get their quarterback of the future. That deal gave them their shot at sustained excellence in exchange for this spring’s ninth and 61st overall picks, a 2024 first-rounder, a 2025 second-rounder and top wideout DJ Moore.

But, as Rank notes, that’s how this industry rolls under center. If you want a worthwhile player at the most important position in all of North American sports, you gotta pony up for it.

And, hey, if Young is anything close to Newton, Panthers fans probably won’t even remember what it took to get him.


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