Patrick Mahomes outsmarts the NFL by appearing in beer commercial that’s not technically about beer

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When it comes to making commercials, NFL players are allowed to endorse almost anything. However, there is one major product that they’re not allowed to endorse and that’s beer. 

The NFL has a rule in place that prohibits active players from directly endorsing beer, which means they’re not allowed to do any beer commercials, well, unless they figure out a loophole that allows them to make a beer commercial without actually making a beer commercial, which is exactly what Patrick Mahomes did this week. 

The Chiefs quarterback teamed up with Coors Light for a commercial, but since Mahomes couldn’t actually talk about Coors Light beer in the ad, they skirted the NFL’s rule by having Mahomes talk about his new best friend: The Coors Light Bear. 

Let’s go ahead and watch the ad. 

The best part of the ad is that you could actually buy your own bear at one point, but unfortunately for anyone reading this right now, you can’t get one anymore, because they’re already sold out. Mahomes is probably thrilled with the fact that they sold out, because all the proceeds from the bear sales went to his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation (By the way, the bear you could buy was actually just a $15 golf club head cover). 

The is actually the second straight year that Mahomes and Coors Light have figured out how to skirt the NFL’s beer rule. Last year, Mahomes promoted a flashlight that was called “The Coors Light.” Mahomes outwitting the NFL to make a beer commercial that’s not actually a beer commercial is now officially one of my favorite parts of the offseason. 

It’s been a big week for Mahomes. Not only did he outsmart the NFL by appearing in a…


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