September 20, 2021

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Patriots-Buccaneers could be hottest ticket in NFL…

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Patriots-Buccaneers could be hottest ticket in NFL...

The NFL is set to release its schedule for the 2021 season this week and fans will be waiting with great anticipation to see how difficult the New England Patriots’ 17-game slate (that still feels weird to say) will be.

What we know for sure about the Patriots’ schedule, however, is that they will play host to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at some point, signifying Tom Brady’s first return to Foxborough since he departed as a free agent last offseason.

While it remains to be seen when that mouth-watering matchup will take place, it goes without saying that tickets for the game will be in high demand…and that’s being generous.

If you were to ask Ace ticket CEO Jim Holzman how many fans will be vying to be present at the highly-anticipated fixture, well, let’s just say he firmly believes it has the potential to set all sorts of league records.

The Patriots-Buccaneers matchup at Gillette Stadium next season could be the hottest ticket in NFL history.

“Biggest regular-season ticket in history for any sporting event,” Ace Ticket CEO Jim Holzman said, via WEEI. “This is going to be what every single person wants for their birthday. Who wouldn’t want to go to this game?”

“We never got to say goodbye to Tom Brady. It’s your last chance to see him at home. He never got a sendoff, and who is going to give up their seat? I think when you put those together, like who wants to give up their seat?”

At the risk of precipitating an online stampede, Ryan Hannable of WEEI believes tickets will first appear on Ace’s website by the end of the week.

While it’s currently unclear how many tickets will be offered, the fact Holzman believes it could be the biggest ticket in NFL history suggests there’s a solid chance stadiums are at full capacity by the start of next season.

That’s been the message commissioner Roger Goodell (and local politicians) have been preaching over the last few months and these comments were yet another indicator that the country as a whole is another step closer to returning to normalcy.

As far as schedule rumors go, you can pencil in (not in ink) this game for…sometime in early October, and you shouldn’t have to worry about an overseas trek to London.

We hate to play a part in the chaos, but any Patriots fans trying to witness Brady take the form of an enemy in Gillette Stadium for the first time in his career better make it a point of emphasis to purchase a ticket for the game as soon as they go on sale.

After all, if you put it off for a day or two, chances are they’ll be sold out already and escalating to an ungodly extent on the secondary market.

Per reports, the 2021 NFL schedule will be revealed at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, so any fans intending on going to Patriots-Bucs better be tuned in.

Patriots-Buccaneers could be hottest ticket in NFL history