May 6, 2021

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Patriots fans have to laugh at new Jets hidden…

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Patriots fans have to laugh at new Jets hidden...

Patriots fans will absolutely love this report about hidden cameras being found in the Jets locker room.

The New England Patriots know a thing or two about being accused of illegally videotaping division rivals. Fans will be quick to remember them getting disciplined by the NFL back in 2007 after supposedly getting caught filming signals of the New York Jets’ defensive staff from an unsanctioned location.

The scandal famously became known as “Spygate,” and it was sternly used against head coach Bill Belichick in debates about his legacy for several years. However, while it still serves as a blemish on his prestigious resume, most media members largely pay no mind to it anymore.

Well, a report from the New York Daily News will no doubt trigger memories of the notorious incident as several Jets players, clearly of the mindset that they were potentially being videotaped by another team, informed the NFL Players Association after finding hidden cameras in the locker room back in October.

It had to be Belichick! The Jets have been outscored by 144 points through eight games, which is 64 more points than the next worst team (Dallas) and puts them on pace to shatter an NFL record in terms of point differential for a single season.

Folks, not even Belichick is psychotic enough — or powerful enough, really — to have a double agent install secret cameras in the Jets locker room in order to gain a competitive edge over a historically bad team.

In fact, a league investigation confirmed that the cameras were being used for “internal security purposes” and their placement wasn’t in violation of rules, though players probably feel as though the equipment breaches their privacy, as none of them recalled being informed by the league that cameras would be placed inside the locker room, per the report.

That really takes all of the intrigue out of this story, but it’s still poetic that it emerged just days before the Patriots and Jets will square off in East Rutherford on Monday night. Surely, the Daily News knew what it was doing with the timing of its release, right?

Maybe not, but only the Jets would find hidden filming equipment in their locker room and essentially be told to pipe down by the NFL. After all, who wants to waste their time taping the Jets other than the Jets themselves?!

Patriots fans have to laugh at new Jets hidden camera scandal

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