May 20, 2022

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Patriots players react to Celtics’ buzzer-beater…

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Patriots players react to Celtics' buzzer-beater...

The New England Patriots‘ offseason has hit a lull recently, so fans would love nothing more than to fast forward to next Thursday’s draft.

Equipped with the No. 21 overall pick, a selection in each of the first four rounds and two separate picks in the fifth and sixth rounds, the Patriots are in a great position to transform their roster, which is lacking compared to the rest of the AFC.

In order to pass the time until draft night, Patriots fans have the luxury of taking in the first-round NBA playoff series between the Celtics and Nets, who share a bitter hatred for each other given Boston’s ties to point guard Kyrie Irving.

Some would say the Celtics escaped with a Game 1 victory given Irving was the only Nets player, including Kevin Durant, who showed up. Long story short, Boston was able to overcome a woeful start to the fourth quarter and ultimately came out on top in the form of a buzzer-beater layup from Jayson Tatum.

Hyped as must-see television given the rivalry, Patriots players were tuned in and celebrated the victory on Twitter as it happened.

First up? None other than Mac Jones, who has really endeared himself to the city and local community since he was drafted.

Patriots players reacted to the Celtics’ thrilling Game 1 win over the Nets.

As someone who was spotted attending a Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park last season, Jones is all too familiar with the Boston-New York rivalry.

Damien Harris joined in on the fun and echoed what most Boston fans were thinking following the win: Give Tatum the MVP award.

It’s wishful thinking, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Tatum made an appearance on this year’s ballot. Unfortunately, there are several other worthy candidates for the hardware, but that takes nothing away from Tatum’s majestic season.

Up next, Adrian Phillips, who inked a three-year extension with the Patriots this offseason, was left astonished by the last-gasp winner.

In a follow-up tweet, Phillips showed loved to Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who displayed excellent composure and awareness to pass up a contested three in the final seconds to find the cutting Tatum.

Jonathan Jones took a different route to that of his teammates. In praising the series’ must-see aurora, the slot cornerback likely offended other viable contenders to come out of the East, like the Bucks, Heat and Sixers.

From an entertainment standpoint, yes, this is the conference finals.

And what would be a notable Boston sporting event without Julian Edelman chiming in? The happily retired Super Bowl MVP was jubilant after the win and he, like Harris, gave the game’s hero a shoutout on Twitter.

If this first-round series between the Celtics and Nets is as tightly-contested as everyone thinks it’ll be, Jones and his New England teammates better get their Twitter fingers ready because it feels destined to go six or seven games.

Patriots players react to Celtics’ buzzer-beater win over Nets in Game 1