May 25, 2022

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Peyton Manning shares his perspective on Russell…

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Peyton Manning shares his perspective on Russell...

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In a recent conversation with The Denver Post’s Ryan O’Halloran, Super Bowl 50 champion and Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning shared his belief in Russell Wilson’s talent and the potential he can bring to Denver’s offense.

“Just his leadership and his work ethic — you start there and then you obviously get to the abilities and talents on the field,” Manning told O’Halloran. “His ability to scramble out of the pocket and also make every throw from within the pocket — that’s something that is unique. And then the fact he’s going to work very hard to get his timing down with his receivers.”

We’ve already seen that in recent weeks with Wilson’s videos of him and his new teammates — including Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, Jerry Jeudy and many others — working out together in California on their own. Manning held similar workouts with his receivers in 2012 and 2013 in his first years with the Broncos to build the timing that would pay off when the season began.

“Look, it’s all about having continuity and consistency,” Manning said. “… Every receiver knows they need to get their timing with him down to a perfect science. That’s the world I always lived in and always believed in and that’s just going to pay great dividends for the team.”

During these workouts, Manning added, there’s more flexibility than at a team-run practice because of the unlimited time factor.

“When you have these workouts on your own, it’s, ‘Let’s get this right,'” Manning told O’Halloran. “That was always the beauty of those things when I was playing. I know Russell is from the same school so that was really cool to see.”

Regardless, Manning knows this transition won’t be easy. He went through something similar after departing Indianapolis to join the Broncos in free agency in 2012. But to help Wilson prepare for that, he has spoken with Wilson and Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett, he said.

“I’ve talked to Russell a number of times and we’ve had conversations about some of the things that helped me in my transition to a different team that I think can apply to anybody making the jump, especially after being in a place for a long time,” Manning told O’Halloran. “(I’ve had) conversations [with] Coach Hackett as well about some of those things, maybe some do’s and don’ts that helped me and can certainly apply and Russell can hit the ground running here in his first year.”