PFT’s Week 15 2023 NFL power rankings

1. 49ers (10-3, last week No. 1): There’s still a gap between them and the field, but the Ravens will have a chance to close it (or not) on Christmas night.

2. Ravens (10-3, No. 3): The table is set to force the road to Nevada through Baltimore.

3. Cowboys (10-3, No. 5): Lose the next two (at Buffalo, at Miami), and Sunday night’s win means nothing.

4. Eagles (10-3, No. 2): They badly need to win at Seattle.

5. Dolphins (9-4, No. 4): Tyreek’s case for MVP was strengthened by how the offense played after his injury.

6. Bills (7-6, No. 11): They’re very much alive — and the pressure is off.

7. Chiefs (8-5, No. 7): Can they win on the road in the playoffs? They haven’t had to try in a long, long time.

8. Lions (9-4, No. 6): They’ll need to bolster both sides of the ball in order to make it deep into the postseason next year.

9. Browns (8-5, No. 15): Give Joe Flacco another month, and the Browns will be tough to beat in the postseason.

10. Jaguars (8-5, No. 8): Trevor Lawrence’s amazing recovery from a high-ankle sprain counts as a win of sorts.

11. Texans (7-6, No. 9): It’s going to be a fight to get to the playoffs.

12. Broncos (7-6, No. 14): The uncanny recovery continues.

13. Bengals (7-6, No. 17): Jake Browning is the new Josh Dobbs. Will the magic last longer this time?

14. Colts (7-6, No. 10): They still have a chance to do the unthinkable.

15. Rams (6-7, No. 13): None of the top teams in the NFC will want to see the Rams in the postseason.

16. Vikings (7-6, No. 20): The defense is carrying the offense, a year after the offense carried the defense.

17. Packers (6-7, No. 12): Opportunity missed.

18. Buccaneers (6-7, No. 22): They’re the NFC South team with the best chance to win at home in the wild-card round.

19. Steelers (7-6, No. 16): Something is broken. Can it be fixed over the next four weeks?

20. Seahawks (6-7, No. 18): It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Jamal Adams.

21. Saints (6-7, No. 21): They’re just good enough to barely miss the playoffs.

22. Falcons (6-7, No….


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