PFT’s Week 6 2023 NFL power rankings

1. 49ers (5-0, last week No. 1): The dominant 49ers will be in plenty of boring games this year. But not boring for their fans.

2. Eagles (5-0, No. 2): They’ve had a very easy start to the season, even if they’ve been trying to make it more difficult.

3. Chiefs (4-1, No. 3): If Taylor Swift didn’t attend a Chiefs win, does it make a sound?

4. Dolphins (4-1, No. 6): They’ll have to keep the offense going without De’Von Achane.

5. Lions (4-1, No. 8): They know how to win the games they should, which is one of the key ingredients to being great.

6. Seahawks (3-1, No. 7): The bye came at a good time, but now they’ve got 13 straight weeks with more than a few big games.

7. Jaguars (3-2, No. 13): 0-2 in Jacksonville. 2-0 in London. Just saying.

8. Bills (3-2, No. 5): The Jenga tower is starting to wobble again.

9. Cowboys (3-2, No. 4): The misguided quest for gloryhole continues.

10. Buccaneers (3-1, No. 10): Beat the Lions, and the Bucs will be taken very seriously.

11. Steelers (3-2, No. 15): It’s easy to criticize. It’s hard to win. And the Steelers have somehow won three games.

12. Colts (3-2, No. 16): Gardner Minshew can lay the foundation to finally start elsewhere.

13. Ravens (3-2, No. 9): If felt like the Ravens were trying to lose to the Steelers. And the Ravens still almost won.

14. Chargers (2-2, No. 14): Can they kick the Cowboys when they’re down?

15. Falcons (3-2, No. 19): Desmond Ridder delivered, just as the calls for Taylor Heinicke were getting very loud.

16. Saints (3-2, No. 22): The Saints will be the answer to the ultimate New England trivia question — who delivered the death blow to the Bill Belichick Patriots?

17. Browns (2-2, No. 17): They’ll need more than one week off to be ready for the 49ers.

18. Texans (2-3, No. 11): Two impressive wins got undermined in one fell swoop.

19. Rams (2-3, No. 12): They’ll be up and down all year long.

20. Titans (2-3, No. 21): They’ll be up and down all year long.

21. Jets (2-3, No. 23): Just when they were as down as they…


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