May 20, 2022

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Pipe dream of Russell Wilson to Giants explodes…

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Pipe dream of Russell Wilson to Giants explodes...

The pipe dream for some New York Giants fans and rumor mongers is over. Any idea of the team obtaining Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason has gone up in smoke.

The Seahawks reportedly agreed to trade Wilson to the Denver Broncos on Tuesday.

The Giants were never really a top destination for Wilson, who has a no-trade clause and had approval over which teams he could be traded to.

Apparently Denver was on his list.

Seattle will receive quarterback Drew Lock as part of the package deal, which also includes two first-round picks and two second-round picks.

The Giants are said to be sticking with Daniel Jones until further notice. Jones is entering his fourth season with Big Blue and his fifth-year option is due this spring.

The Giants aren’t likely to exercise that option but that doesn’t mean they are any less confident that Jones could be their franchise quarterback.

Pipe dream of Russell Wilson to Giants explodes following Broncos trade