May 29, 2022

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Pro Bowl QB Kyler Murray knows Cardinals haven’t…

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Pro Bowl QB Kyler Murray knows Cardinals haven't...

Kyler Murray has thrown, during this week’s Pro Bowl practices, passes to every one of his teammates that are in Las Vegas for Sunday’s game.

That’s running back James Conner, but also tackle D.J. Humphries, and linebacker Chandler Jones, and safety Budda Baker.

No, the Cardinals aren’t going to be incorporating some new crazy offensive system next season. Then again, what the Cards might need to do — or what Murray is planning for himself this offseason — remains an unknown right now. All Murray knows is that some change is necessary, after the Cardinals’ 11-win season fizzled with a first-round playoff loss while Murray had his worst game of the season that night.

“I wouldn’t get into too much detail, but just get better,” Murray told on Saturday. “I think there are a lot of things we all need to address individually. Team-wise we understand kind of what happened, how we get there. We’ve got to do it together. Obviously everyone has to work hard individually. When we come together we’ve got to be ready to go, because it doesn’t get any easier.

“We made strides throughout the three years I’ve been here but we haven’t reached that ultimate goal.”

Murray’s performances were uneven after his midseason ankle injury, mirroring the struggles of the offense over all. Still, he finished the regular season with two good games against the Cowboys and Seahawks, making his rough day in Los Angeles in the playoffs a surprise.