Projected 2024 NFL win totals for all 32 teams: Steelers top list of five best over/under bets to make now

The start of the NFL season is still more than five months away, but arguing about the NFL is a year-round sport and you’ll be able to hold some healthy debates with your closest friends over the next few weeks now that the win totals have been released for all 32 teams. 

The oddsmakers at BetMGM have released their over/under win totals for the 2024 season and in news that probably won’t surprise you, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are tied for the highest projected win total in the NFL at 11.5. 

Here are a few nuggets from all the win totals. 

Oddsmakers love America’s team. There are a total of eight teams that have a double-digit win total and of those eight, seven of them have played in at least one conference title game since 2020. The only team on the list that hasn’t is the Cowboys, who have a win total of 10.5.  No respect for several 2023 playoff teams. There are four playoff teams from last season who have an over/under lower than nine and those four teams are the Browns (8.5), Rams (8.5), Steelers (7.5) and Buccaneers (7.5). The Steelers and Browns play in arguably the toughest division in the NFL, so it’s somewhat understandable that their win totals are low. On the Rams’ end, they just lost their best defensive player (Aaron Donald) to retirement, so that probably doesn’t help things. As for the Buccaneers, the oddsmakers seem to think that Tampa Bay will be taking a small step back. Lowest win total: Panthers. With an unproven quarterback in Bryce Young and a new coaching staff in place, it’s not a huge surprise that the oddsmakers have no faith in the Panthers, who have the lowest win total in the NFL this year at 4.5. 

Here’s a look at the over/under win totals for all 32 teams. 

Now that we have the totals, it’s time to figure where the oddsmakers went wrong, so I’m going to give you the five bets that I like the most right now. 

Steelers over 7.5…


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