January 20, 2022

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Randy Gregory reveals what he said to Taylor…

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Randy Gregory reveals what he said to Taylor...

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory and Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke seem to have an adorable relationship when Gregory isn’t smashing him to the ground.

In the Week 14 matchup against Washington, the DE had a remarkable two QB hits, a forced fumble, an interception, and a sack. Heinicke, on the other hand, went just 11 for 25 on his passes, had an interception (the one Gregory caught), and was sacked four times.

On one occasion early in the contest, Gregory just barely missed Heinicke during a rushing play. After the play, the Cowboy propped himself up next to Heinicke for a sweet chat. FOX cameras caught the moment and it immediately became a meme around the internet.

When asked about the situation, Gregory told reporters and he told Heinicke he was going to get him, and the struggling QB responded, “yeah, I know.”

Cowboys DE Randy Gregory reveals what he said to Taylor Heinicke in lighthearted Week 16 moment

Just two weeks later, the Cowboys and Football Team met again. This time Gregory has a QB hit and a tackle. Washington’s QB again struggled with two interceptions and four sacks.

The Week 16 game was incredibly rough for Washington all around. So when Gregory got another opportunity to “hang” with Heinicke, he did.

This time, he literally rolled over next to the quarterback as if they were meeting up and having a gossip session. Reporters were finally able to ask Gregory what happened on Wednesday.

The defensive end said he just wanted to let Heinicke know “it was going to be ok,” since he was having such a tough game. I genuinely can’t tell if this is him being sincere or messing with him, considering Gregory also said he “felt like (Heinicke) needed a friend.”

Regardless of what the intentions were, they were two lighthearted moments in otherwise rough games for Heinicke. The GIFs and memes will live on, thanks to great camerawork.

Randy Gregory reveals what he said to Taylor Heinicke after Week 16 hit