August 1, 2021

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Ranking NFC East coaching, special teams

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Ranking NFC East coaching, special teams

Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Where do the Dallas Cowboys rank within the NFC East in special teams and coaching?

Welcome to the final part to my positional review within the NFC East division where we rank each team’s specific units against each other. Today we finish things out with special teams/head coaching. For three of the four teams, the Dallas Cowboys included, big changes are in store for 2020.

New York, Washington, and yes, Dallas all have new head coaches heading into the 2020 season, For the Giants and Redskins, this is nothing new. New York will be on its fourth head coach since 2016 when Joe Judge takes the field for the first time. Washington will be on its third since 2014.

None of this should come as any shock as the two teams have been terrible during those timeframes. New York is just 23-41 since 2016, while Washington is 38-51-1 since 2014. What is shocking is that the Dallas Cowboys (finally) are in this position as well.

Since taking over for Wade Phillips midseason in 2010, Jason Garrett has been a staple of the Cowboys sideline. Compiling an 85-67 record in that time, Garrett certainly was never as bad as anything New York or Washington had running their shows. For Garrett, his lack of postseason success with some pretty talented rosters was his ultimate undoing.

So which team has the best leader of men as well as a top-notch special teams unit? Before we break down this NFC East battle, here is how teams earn points for their roster. Each position will earn five points to the best group, three points to second place, and one point to third. We’ll start off with the fourth-place team who will get no points.

Dallas Cowboys: Ranking NFC East coaching, special teams

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