August 11, 2022

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Ranking the Cowboys’ 5 primetime games on the 2022…

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Ranking the Cowboys' 5 primetime games on the 2022...

The Dallas Cowboys are one of many NFL teams to have five primetime games on their 2022 schedule. Although many analysts are saying that the Cowboys have quite an easy schedule this year, there are still some tough games in there. Plus, the pressure of playing with the bright lights of primetime is always an added element.

Sadly, most of the Cowboys’ more challenging and exciting games won’t be in primetime this year. Their battles against the Bengals, Packers, and Rams will be day games. These five on their schedule, however, will have all eyes on Dallas:

  1. Week 1 vs Buccaneers – Sunday Night Football
  2. Week 3 @ Giants – Monday Night Football
  3. Week 6 @ Eagles – Sunday Night Football
  4. Week 13 vs Colts – Sunday Night Football
  5. Week 17 @ Titans – Thursday Night Football

Of course, some of the later games on the schedule could get changed to primetime, but we can’t account for any of those at this time. Now that you know which games get national TV time, let’s rank them in order of excitement.

Ranking the Cowboys’ 5 primetime games on the 2022 NFL schedule


EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – DECEMBER 19: Dalton Schultz #86 of the Dallas Cowboys catches the ball for a touchdown in front of Logan Ryan #23 of the New York Giants during the third quarter at MetLife Stadium on December 19, 2021 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

5. Week 3 @ Giants – Monday Night Football

Yes, this is a rivalry game. Yes, it’s on the road. But the reality is that the Cowboys should easily beat the New York Giants in this matchup. After coming off two very tough opening games against the Bucs and Bengals, the Cowboys will view this contest as a much-needed break.

Even though the Giants have a new GM and head coach, it’s highly unlikely that this franchise has a massive turnaround by three weeks into the season. Plus, their quarterback is coming off a severe neck injury that cut a big chunk of his 2021 season short. This team will have a lot of figuring things out to still do when the Cowboys head to East Rutherford. It’s hard to imagine huge improvements after a 4-13 season even with the changes made.

Plus, even if Daniel Jones ends up being the prodigy they thought he would be early on, the team has a disappointing WR in Kenny Golladay who has been eating up their salary cap and repaid them with zero touchdowns scored in 2021.

First-time head coach Brian Daboll certainly has his hands full.

Ranking the Cowboys’ 5 primetime games on 2022 NFL schedule