Report: Early Signing Day dates set to change once again

It wasn’t too long ago when the first week of February contained the college football signing day for high school football recruits. ESPN would cover it all day long and the college football world would be buzzing.

Now , the early signing day is in December, the transfer portal is in play and the February date has been downgraded some. But according to a report from Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, more change is coming our way.

Those who control these things are looking to move the December date up to the Wednesday before the conference championship games so the high school signings don’t interfere with the transfer portal signings. Right now, they all seem to roll together and it could get confusing.

With that, the college football leaders are also looking into potentially adding another signing date in the summer leading up to fall camp.

College football is quickly turning into a year-round sport with very little breaks in between.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire


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