May 25, 2022

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Reports Say Tom Brady to Retire, Maybe

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Reports Say Tom Brady to Retire, Maybe

NFL Conference Championship – Several sources tell ESPN that Tom Brady will announce his retirement this week after 22 years in the NFL and seven championships.

In Bill James’ Historical Baseball Abstract, he split his lists of the greatest players ever into “peak value” and “career value.” You can have an interesting (and often irrational) debate about who was the greatest NFL quarterback in terms of “peak value,” but Brady basically laps the field in terms of “career value.” What he did in his forties is miles and miles beyond what any other quarterback ever did at that age.

Click here for all of Brady’s advanced stats through 2020. In 2021, he managed to finish first in passing DYAR again, and second in passing DVOA.

UPDATE: There are now conflicting reports with some saying that Brady has not made his decision yet. His father says no decision has been made. The Bucs say no decision has been made. So who knows.