August 1, 2021

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Rich Eisen Reviews San Francisco’s Offseason…

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Rich Eisen Reviews San Francisco's Offseason...

During a segment on “The Rich Eisen Show,” Eisen laid out the reasons San Francisco had one of the best offseasons in the NFL. While a Yahoo! Sports article gave the 49ers a C-, placing the team in the “Some good, some bad, mostly average” category, Eisen argued that even though the team didn’t have splashy signings compared to other NFC clubs, the 49ers did something even more important. “I understand Arizona gets DeAndre Hopkins and I know what Buffalo did to get Stefon Diggs and I understand why you would put Miami on that list because of what they did in free agency,” Eisen said. “But none of those teams were in the Super Bowl, rearranged for the future, got smarter and kept the people they need to keep more than the San Francisco 49ers.” Read More >>>

Notable Additions and Signings

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