March 3, 2021

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Risky Business: Week 7

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Risky Business: Week 7

Risky Business: Week 7
Aaron Schatz
26 Oct 2020, 11:27am


Breaking down the end of the Atlanta-Detroit game, why Detroit allowed the Falcons to score, and why it cost Atlanta the game.

Amendola’s penalty costing 9…

Amendola’s penalty costing 9% is mentioned. What was the effect of Atlanta’s declined penalty on the XP try?

Had Prater missed it,…


Had Prater missed it, there would have been a re-do. It’s trivia, but I was curious what the GWC penalty was for that illegal formation (were they head-up on the LS?)

Because a failed try goes to OT, the penalty would be worth half the difference in conversion likelihood, right? (They lose all makes, and ~50% of all misses)

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