January 22, 2022

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Russell Wilson explains himself for taking…

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Russell Wilson explains himself for taking...

The Seahawks should have won today’s game against the Bears. Thanks to a stunning and rare late-game collapse, Seattle lost its 10th game of the 2021 season. The shocking one-point loss to Chicago feels like a seismic event in the history of this franchise, which now will almost certainly make major personnel changes this coming offseason.

So, what happened? Essentially, all three phases failed at the exact wrong time. Before the defense allowed a unit starting Nick Foles to lead an eight-point drive in crunchtime the Seahawks screwed up on special teams thanks to a 39-yard miss from kicker Jason Myers. That came after quarterback Russell Wilson held onto the ball entirely too damn long and wound up taking a 13-yard sack, pushing Myers back significantly.

After the game, Wilson explained himself by saying that’s what he does – extend drives to get touchdowns.

Only that’s not what happened this time, Russ.

While there’s some truth to Wilson’s words – he’s at his best extending plays and trying to make an explosive gain downfield – this is also a bad look to lean on that to justify this particular play.

That’s the tradeoff with his game, for better or worse. It’s getting more difficult each week to enjoy it, though.

Russell Wilson explains himself for taking critical sack by Bears