July 1, 2022

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Ryan Fitzpatrick Retires | Football Outsiders

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Ryan Fitzpatrick Retires | Football Outsiders

NFL Offseason – Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, one of the most well-traveled players in the history of the NFL, is hanging up the cleats. Fitzpatrick made the announcement along with a word cloud listing the names of his teammates, sorted by size based on how many games they played together.

By DYAR, Fitzpatrick’s best season was in 2015 with the Jets, when he finished 13th. He also finished sixth in DVOA in 2018 with Tampa Bay, leading the NFL in both yards per attempt and yards per completion, though he only played in eight games that year.

But the most intriguing stats for players like Fitzpatrick aren’t their yards and touchdowns, it’s how much they played for different teams. Fitzpatrick finishes with:

  • 53 starts for the Bills
  • 27 starts for the Jets
  • 20 starts for the Dolphins
  • 12 starts for the Bengals
  • 12 starts for the Texans
  • 10 starts for the Buccaneers
  • 9 starts for the Titans
  • 3 starts for the Rams
  • and 1 start for Washington

And that’s the kind of resume we’re not likely to ever see again.

In 2018, we wrote a Scramble for the Ball column called “The Journeyman Project,” attempting to determine who was the prototypical Journeyman Quarterback of the post-merger era. The answer was Fitzpatrick. Click the link below for that article.