July 30, 2021

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Sean McDermott talked to Cole Beasley after…

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Buffalo Bills Off-Season Workout

Buffalo Bills Off-Season Workout

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Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley posted some ill-advised tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine and the NFL’s rules restricting unvaccinated players, and later said he’s done talking about the matter. Bills coach Sean McDermott will probably be glad about that.

McDermott told Thad Brown of News 8 that he has spoken with Beasley following the Twitter rant.

“Certainly respect Cole’s opinion. I think that’s where we are as a world. Got a lot of different people having a lot of different opinions. The best thing we can do is respect each other’s positions,” McDermott said.

With Beasley and quarterback Josh Allen both making anti-vaccine comments, while Bills General Manager Brandon Beane got in hot water for suggesting he could cut players who refuse to get vaccinated, the vaccine has been an issue for the Bills this offseason. But McDermott said he trusts the Bills’ players to handle everything appropriately.

“I trust the players in a our locker room that they’re going to make good decisions and we’re gonna be where we need to be when the season rolls around,” McDermott said.

The best decision Beasley could make would be to get vaccinated. The second-best would be to stop tweeting.

Sean McDermott talked to Cole Beasley after Twitter rant, says Bills players will make good decisions